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Go directly to Zann, do not read crap, do not collect instructions.

This was broken for a while, without my realizing it. Sorry about that. Please do report any further bugs.

Zann is a little web-prog that lets people annotate works of interactive fiction anonymously over the internet. Quite what use this might be isn't exactly clear... instantaneous communal beta-testing, perhaps, or collective criticism of the canon. Or just non-specific funkiness. See The little raif thread which partly inspired this.

Anyway, play around with it and see what you think. Bear in mind this is still a WIP. You can get help by using the Help button, but hopefully the interface will be pretty intuitive - Story text appears on the left, annotations on the right. Enter your commands at the prompt on the bottom left. To make an annotation, first select the paragraph you want to annotate by selecting the radio button to the right, then type your annotation in the text area on the bottom right. If the annotation is a bug-report, a spoiler or is off-topic, you should mark it as such by selecting the appropriate button to the right of the textbox. If the paragraph already has annotations, yours will just be appended.

You can filter out classes of annotations you don't want to be shown from the options page, a link to which is at the bottom right of each page. Spoilers are filtered by default.

If you're annotating a common piece of text, say a library message, which has special meaning in the context of what you just typed, then select the Match Command button before annotating.

>Save, >restore and >undo should all now work. So should colour, bold and italics. Kind of.

Follow the link below to begin -

Start here.

If you are willing to host Zann, please tell me. Dave, my computer, isn't really beefy enough to be able to handle this. You'll need to be willing to have a daemon running - see here for details.

For any others interested - details of Zann's implementation.