A game of competitive puzzle-design.

By ruthlessly guarded secret arrangement, the council's agents can pick any lock in the city. A secret guild produces the necessary locks - apparently secure, but with fatal hidden flaws. A ritual game is played to determine the best designs; to master it, you must build locks which can be picked only by one who knows the secret, and you must discover the secret flaws in the locks designed by your colleagues.

Coordinate a pair of tools to pick locks devised by other players in a mechanistic turn-based puzzle game; construct intricate locks of your own to protect the secrets you discover.

Free software, released under the GPLv3.

Written in Haskell, with SDL and Curses user interfaces.

Metagame Picking a lock Editing a lock Curses mode


Latest version is 0.7.2 (NEWS).

Play by ssh

If you'd like to test out the game without installing anything, have access to ssh, and are happy with a text-only interface, try: